Harm Reduction Training

I've been delivering harm reduction focused training for over a decade to some of the biggest drug service providors in the UK. All my training courses are focused on practical skills and can be delivered to delegates at any existing knowledge level.
The courses below are as a 'guide' every course can be adapted to your own individual services needs.


Do you need support in improving the way your service works with injectors? Need advice on improving your needle programme?

Intro to Harm Reduction

This one day course is ideal for people new to the concepts of harm reduction. The session will include understanding the pragmatic approaches to substance use as well as understanding how harm reduction approaches effect working practice.
As with all Injecting Advice LTD courses the main focus is on giving delegates the practical skills required to work within a harm reduction methodology.

Who is the course for

This course was designed for anyone working within non-substance misuse services, eg nurses, police, social services staff and other care organisations. However it also works as a great primer for both new and experienced drugs workers.


  • Understand the philosophy behind harm reduction
  • Examine the categorisation of substances in relation to harm
  • Understand how harm reduction 'fits' in with recovery
  • Be able to relate harm reduction to daily life
  • Explore national and international campaigns
  • Develop harm reduction programmes specific to your own client group