Harm Reduction Training

I've been delivering harm reduction focused training for over a decade to some of the biggest drug service providors in the UK. All my training courses are focused on practical skills and can be delivered to delegates at any existing knowledge level.
The courses below are as a 'guide' every course can be adapted to your own individual services needs.


Do you need support in improving the way your service works with injectors? Need advice on improving your needle programme?

Safer Injecting

This one day course has been developed to give a good understanding of safer injecting harm reduction advice. It will inform delegates of best practice and recognised harm reduction messages to be used when working with injecting drug users, along with an underpinning knowledge of currently injected substances and their associated risk factors.
As with all of these courses the main focus is on giving delegates the practical skills required to work with injecting drug users.

Who is the course for

This course was developed for anyone whose role involves working with injecting drug users.


  • Understand the issues around sharing equipment
  • Understand which drugs are commonly injected and their associated risk factors
  • To be able to identify a wide range of associated health/social risk factors
  • Presenting accurate facts and figures of injecting risks nationally
  • Identify strategies for working with route transition interventions
  • Basic overview of steroid injecting issues (optional)