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Norway Mulls Using Heroin to Prevent Deadly Overdoses

Now with a change in local government here and in the capital, Oslo, there is an appetite to use radical policies to curb the alarming number of Norwegians who die from heroin overdoses each year. Alongside traditional replacement therapies, such as methadone, the new left-wing local leaders want to use a medical form of injectable heroin to treat the most at-risk users.

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Ireland’s first supervised drug injection centre could launch in Dublin in 2016

IRELAND’S first medically supervised injection centre for drug addicts could be opened in Dublin by the end of next year, according to the country’s Minister for Drugs. The move is part of a radical cultural shift by the Irish Government to tackle Ireland’s drug-related crime problems, which also includes proposals to decriminalise the use of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

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Thousands of drug users are rescuing one another with antidote naloxone

As the opioid epidemic has exploded in small towns and suburbs in recent years, officials have scrambled to put naloxone in the hands of drug users’ families and friends, and to make it more widely available by equipping police officers with the drug.

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Chemsex should be public health priority due to HIV risk, experts say

Chemsex, having sex under the influence of illegal drugs and often with multiple partners, is rapidly increasing and should be a public health priority due to increased HIV risk say experts.

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HIV and young people who inject drugs

This brief from WHO aims to catalyse and inform discussions about how best to provide health services, programmes and support for young people who inject drugs. It offers a concise account of current knowledge concerning the HIV risk and vulnerability of young people who inject drugs.

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Russian HIV Infections Approach 1 Million

The number of registered HIV-positive patients in Russia has reached almost 1 million, according to data presented at a press conference on Monday by the head of Russia's Federal Center for Fighting AIDS, the Interfax news agency reported.

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High Design Safe Spaces for Heroin Addicts

sociologist Greg Scott partnered up with architect-designer Andrew Santa Lucia, to build a “pop-up” SIF exhibit for the 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference, which recently took place in Washington D.C.

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Seattle Could Be the First City in the U.S. to Host Safe-Injection Sites for Heroin Users

Safe drug sites—places people can use illicit drugs under medical supervision—are coming to Seattle, advocates say. “This will happen,” Shilo Murphy, executive director of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, announced Friday to an enthusiastic crowd at Town Hall. With Seattle in the grip of heroin and homelessness epidemics that have lasted years already, he says, “The time is now"

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Drug death risk up for injectors after hospital discharge

Addicts with a history of drug injecting are at significant risk of a fatal overdose in the four weeks after being released from hospital, a study has shown.

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