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Law enforcement advised: Adhere to Overdose Prevention Act

The NJ state Attorney General's Office has issued a statewide directive to ensure law enforcement is well-informed of the Overdose Prevention Act.

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Injecting Equipment Provision in Scotland: Survey 2011/12

This publication reports on the findings of the survey of injecting equipment provision to people who inject drugs and relates to the financial year 2011/12.

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Vancouver's Harm Reduction Approach Is Working

A newly published 15-year study indicates that Vancouver's progressive efforts in harm reduction have effectively reduced illegal drug use and improved public safety.

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HIV/AIDS Prevalence of, and risk factors for, HIV, hepatitis B and C infections among men who inject image and performance enhancing drugs

Previous prevalence studies had not found HIV among IPED injectors. HIV prevalence in this, the largest study of blood-borne viruses among IPED injectors, was similar to that among injectors of psychoactive drugs. Findings indicate a need for targeted interventions.

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PrEP works for injecting drug users too

A daily tablet of tenofovir, a drug otherwise used to treat HIV infection, reduced the risk of HIV acquisition among people who inject drugs by 49% in a clinical trial.

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Giving Clean Needles to Drug Users: Helps or Hurts?

Florida, one of the worst hit by AIDS, not a single publicly funded syringe exchange program – one that exchanges used needles for new ones to injection drug users — currently operates.

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Safe-injection site draws interest from foreign health experts

Canada is one of the countries with one of the best harm-reduction programs. And Vancouver is a city that has a program for drug users that is not only one of the most advanced, but is also very sophisticated.

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Building a healthier society, one needle at a time

As the AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador announces a significant surge in the demand for clean needles by injection drug users for the second consecutive year, a local documentary opens a window to the humanism of drug addiction and harm reduction efforts in St. John's.

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Elton John: People who inject drugs deserve help

Rock icon Elton John has urged compassion for people who inject drugs, saying "stigma and criminalisation" robbed them of their humanity and exposed them to a life of addiction and disease.

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