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Why Needle Exchange Is Good for Your Community

Needle exchange programs not only benefit individual drug users by helping to prevent the transmission of blood borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C, they also benefit the communities in which they operate

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Heroin (Alone) Is Not the Problem

Heroin, which has long flourished in the nation's big urban centers, has been making an alarming comeback in the smaller cities and towns of New England.

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Toronto endorses drug injection sites

Toronto's board of health has become the first governing body in the province to endorse supervised intravenous drug injection sites.

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Evidence says supervised injection sites are ‘best care’

The majority of studies published in medical journals have shown that government-established supervised injection sites and needle exchanges do not increase drug use or drug users.

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Naloxone, safe injection sites could curb overdoses in Quebec

Naloxone is not approved by Quebec’s prescription drug plan. Currently, it is only available in hospital emergency rooms in Quebec. According to Urgences-Santé, only a small handful of specialized paramedics have been trained to use it. ​

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Abbotsford must defend anti-harm reduction bylaw before B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

The City of Abbotsford will have to defend its anti-harm reduction bylaw to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against allegations it discriminates against drug users.

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18,000 people may not know they have hepC

An estimated 18,000 Scots are unaware they have contracted Hepatitis C, according the campaign organisers.

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UK Lawful Provision of Foil

The government has accepted the advice of the ACMD to allow for the lawful provision of foil by drug treatment providers subject to the strict condition that it is part of structured efforts to get people into treatment and off drugs.

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A life-saving yet illegal syringe program

As I hop into my truck, I check to make sure that I have everything. Alcohol pads. Check. Tourniquet. Check. Syringes. Cotton filter. Sterile water. HIV test. Pregnancy test. Harm Reduction kit. Condoms. Check. And finally, my standard set of brochures, contacts and information.

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