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As Major Silk Road Competitor Shutters, $100M Vanishes With It

Sheep Marketplace, one of the two most prominent Silk Road competitors, went down on Saturday. A message briefly posted on the site on Saturday claimed that one of Sheep Marketplace's vendors exploited a security flaw and stole 5,400 BTC ($6 million at its current value).

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New Research Shows Promise for Possible HIV Cure

Researchers have used radioimmunotherapy (RIT) to destroy remaining human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected cells in the blood samples of patients treated with antiretroviral therapy, offering the promise of a strategy for curing HIV infection.

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Drug Consumption Rooms: What the residents say

The ResidentsAsking the residents of Birmingham if they would like a Drug Consumption Room (DCR) in their City. DCRs are proven to reduce street/public injecting associated complications and needle litter.

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Statistics on Drug Misuse: England 2013

This compendia report presents a range of published information on drug misuse among both adults and children which has been drawn together from a variety of sources. The report also presents some new information on hospital admissions related to drug misuse.

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ADCA Defunding is About Anything But Austerity

I read with shock and horror yesterday the announcement of the defunding and subsequent placement of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia (ADCA) into voluntary administration. This irresponsible action has been undertaken in the name of austerity however when we consider the longer term implications of such a decision it can only be considered economically counter-productive.

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The Club Drug Clinic

Club DrugDr Owen Boden Jones talks about why we need club drug clinics, what types of drug they deal with, how people recognise problems and how to get referred to the clinic.

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Manchester's Warehouse Project club introduces drug testing pilot scheme

The club is testing an innovative approach to preventing future deaths. Part forensic science and part public information, the scheme involves testing drugs that are circulating among clubbers in real time so that they can be warned on the night about potentially dangerous batches – including PMA, a nasty, newish drug sometimes mis-sold as ecstasy.

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Trauma and recovery amongst people who have injected drugs

Drug services in Scotland need to be more trauma-minded, focusing less on drugs and more on underlying traumas and life difficulties, according to major research launched officially today by Scottish Drugs Forum, the national drugs policy and information charity.

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Not sorted for E’s or whizz

While the forensic information has yet to be made public, the tragic death of Nick Bonnie at the Warehouse Project in Manchester (28 September) appears to be the latest in a series of deaths linked either to strong ecstasy or the PMA-ecstasy combination. Up until 2011, PMA had only been implicated in two deaths in the previous 18 years. That figure leapt to 20 in 2012, while the BBC File on Four programme claimed that figure had already been exceeded for 2013.

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