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What a Year for Harm Reduction!

Harm reduction is a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs. Harm reduction is also a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Although those working in harm reduction believe that drug criminalization maximizes harm, the focus of most harm reduction policy and practice is in the borderlands between legalization and prohibition.

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Alleged Top Moderators Of Silk Road 2 Forums Arrested

At least two moderators of the Silk Road 2 user forums have been arrested by authorities in the U.S. and Ireland. A source claiming to have inside knowledge of the arrests said that Libertas, a moderator on the Silk Road 2 forums, has been arrested by the Irish Police in Wicklow during a raid carried out on Thursday at about 8PM local time. A source at the Wicklow Police has confirmed the arrest of the yet-unnamed moderator. The FBI allegedly arrested another moderator, Inigo, in Virginia.

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Llanelli Police Station first in Wales to trial new drug to fight heroin abuse

The cells of Llanelli police station will be the first in Wales to trial a new drug combating heroin overdose. Naloxone kits — a drug designed to reverse the effects of opiate abuse — will be given to individuals at the highest risk of overdose.

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Haight center for homeless youth explores options as closure looms

Monday for the Homeless Youth Alliance drop-in center was business as usual, apart from a film crew making a fundraising video about the clean needle exchange, psychiatry and other services provided to youngsters. But come next week, the center could be no more.

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Sex workers need more than condoms and shelters

In the ongoing debate on the law’s response to sex work, it has not been forgotten that sex workers have pressing health needs. However, the debate is still very much focused on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and simplistic, individualised responses to violence. As research I and others have produced shows, sex workers' needs are more complex than this, and require imaginative and ambitious responses.

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Interview with Marie Nougier on DCRs

Drug consumption rooms are a very efficient harm reduction intervention, and a necessary tool in environments where there are harmful patterns of use (drug injection, open drug scenes, high level of infections of HIV and other blood-borne diseases among people who use drugs, etc.). From a government point of view, they are also a very cost-effective tool since they eventually reduce health and social harms that can be related to drug use.

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Mephedrone Injecting: Taking Care

Danny MorrisDanny Morris looks at problems caused by injecting mephedrone, and harm reduction measures for people who inject mephedrone.

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Clean syringe programs must also cater for steroid users

The use of performance- and image-enhancing drugs such as steroids is on the rise in Australia, with more users accessing sterile injecting equipment from needle and syringe programs (NSPs). But despite a growing proportion of PIED users, our knowledge of this group – the substances they are using, the harms they may be experiencing, and the health services that they may (or may not be) accessing – is low.

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Denmark's 'Fix Rooms' Give Drug Users A Safe Haven

n June 2012, the Danish Parliament passed legislation making it possible for municipalities to open so-called drug consumption rooms (known in Denmark as "fix rooms" and elsewhere, more specifically, as supervised injection sites) — facilities where adults with serious addictions can bring their illegal drugs and take them, legally, under the watchful eye of a nurse. Within four months, Copenhagen had opened the first. Two other cities have since followed suit.

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