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Life-Saving Drug Has Stopped 10,000 Overdoses, And It Could Stop Many More

"Addiction to heroin and other opiates -- including certain prescription pain-killers -- is impacting the lives of Americans in every state, in every region, and from every background and walk of life -- and all too often, with deadly results,” Holder said in a video posted to the Justice Department's website. "Used in concert with ‘Good Samaritan’ laws, which grant immunity from criminal prosecution to those seeking medical help for someone experiencing an overdose, naloxone can save lives."

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Twitter Can Locate HIV Outbreaks

Researchers have found that Twitter is a surprisingly useful tool for locating HIV outbreaks. “This study provides the first set of evidence for how real-time social media data might be used for extracting, detecting, and remote monitoring of health-related attitudes and behaviors,” writes the UCLA team.

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Heroin Overdose Can Be Prevented, But It Requires a Plan

Overdose deaths are frequently the result of using heroin after a period of sobriety. People who use heroin regularly develop a tolerance for it (they require larger doses to get the same effects). Then when they stop using for a time, often in rehab, detox or prison, their brains become sensitive to the drug again.

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Should InSite be expanded in Canada?

This article reports qualitative findings from a sample of 31 purposively chosen injection drug users from Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria, British Columbia interviewed to examine the context of safe injection site in transforming their lives. Further, the purpose is to determine whether the first and only Supervised injection facility in North America, InSite, needs to be expanded to other cities.

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HIV patients go hungry as benefit cuts hit

Thousands of people with HIV have been left struggling in poverty by the Government's welfare reforms – with some unable to afford the basic food they need to fight their condition. The situation is now so critical that in some cases doctors are having to prescribe food supplements to ensure that patients' medication works.

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A Push to Make the Life-Saving Antidote to Overdose Available to All

Overdose kills more Americans each year than car crashes or homicide. That's why Dan Bigg wants to get the antidote, naloxone, into every first-aid kit in the country.

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Shilo Murphy: Drug Users Are The Best People To Run Needle Exchanges

Ross Reynolds talks with Shilo Murphy, executive director of the People's Harm Reduction Alliance, about its user-run needle exchange programs and the stigma around drug users.

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Fighting an Epidemic in Russia from 3,000 Miles Away

Russia is home to the world’s fastest-growing HIV epidemic. Driven by injection drug use, it is now becoming generalized. If you are an injection drug user in Russia, you likely have HIV, hepatitis C, and more often than not, tuberculosis.

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Program's end reopens debate on clean needles for drug users

...where and how many needles should be available for drug users at neighborhood pharmacies has been a source of contention. It's a debate that's likely to return after San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting introduced a bill this month to expand syringe access and allow addicts to purchase an unlimited number of needles.

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