Changing Face of Needle Exchange

Allan Clear talks about the changing face of needle exchange, from it's activist roots though to it's mainstreaming and formalisation.

Low Dead Space Syringes

Robert Heimer, William Zule and Andrew Preston talk about the importance of low dead space syringes for BBV prevention.
  • Harm Reduction

    A collection of films highlighting harm reduction approaches to drug use.

    azzismallHR Exchange
    PHS Community
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    ethan1smallEthan Nadelmann
    Drug Policy Alliance
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    liverpoolsmallThe Roots
    Drug Preporter
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    swsmallSex Work and HR
    Speak Up
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  • Naloxone Films

    A collection of short films highlighting the importance of naloxone distribution.

    Childs PlayChild's Play
    Injecting Advice
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    reach4mesmallReach For Me
    Sawbuck Films
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    Stephen Malloy
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    hclusmallRight to Survive
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