Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Nigel Brunsdon.


What's this site about?

Injecting Advice is a website thats been running since Febuary 2007, it offers support and advice to people working in harm reduction services (especially needle programmes) and to injecting drug users. The articles on the site cover much of the basic (and some advanced) information to help workers provide the best support to the people they are helping. The site started in Febuary 2007.

What is 'Harm Reduction'?

Harm Reduction is (in this context) a pragmatic approach to drug use that aims to meet users where they are. This involves giving advice to improve the health situation of the individual without forcing the need for change.
This doesn't mean not trying to help people stop using drugs it just means that the focus is on working with the immediate issues as a priority (eg overdose interventions, wound care etc... you know.. the stuff that helps people stay alive). You can find out more about harm reduction on the website of Harm Reduction International.

Who runs this site?

This site is the personal project me, Nigel Brunsdon, I'm an ex-needle programme worker (also ex-drug service manager and ex-comicbook shop manager... but that last bit doesn't really count). I'm now working as the Community Manager at HIT and as a freelance harm reduction trainer.

Who funds the site?

Although this site has recently started getting a small amount of advertising (those banners you see on the pages) it doesn't have any formal funding, it's just me. This means that the time I put in is unpaid (about 10-15 hours a week). Although more money would be great (see next section) I don't do this for the money, I do it because I think harm reduction is the best approach for working with people.

Can I help you?

You might be the kind of person who thinks that 200+ harm reduction articles and videos are not worth a penny, in which case please enjoy them and use them to help other people. However you might also like one of the T-shirts I've designed (I get about £2 from each one that you buy) really that helps me, if only to pay for my hosting for the site.
Another way to help is to think about writing for the website, although most of the articles here are mine I do have occasional guest writers. If you have an idea for an article let me know what it is and we'll see if it's a good one to put on here.