Pregabalin Workers Guide

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Pregabalin is a medication used for seizures, anxiety and neuropathic pain. It is also known by a brand name Lrica® and various street names. In recent years it’s use has become prolific across Northern Ireland is also seen in other parts of the UK among heroin users and the prison population. It is involved in ever more fatal overdoses in these groups/region.

Human Enhancement Drugs: The Emerging Challenges to Public Health

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Drug use is usually portrayed as a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, whether being the use of thought-expanding hallucinogens, the excitement of stimulants or the euphoria of opiates. However, there are many drugs that are being primarily used for their functional purposes rather than for any instant gratification. These substances, termed 'Human Enhancement Drugs", represent a new challenge to public health and reflect a society that in recent years has shifted from an attitude of "a pill for every ill" to a drive for "better than well".

#OD10 Report

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On the 31st of August 2010 many groups and organisations around the world held events for International Overdose Awareness Day. As well as being held in the 'real world' the day was observed on the internet, largely due to the co-ordinating efforts of Meghan Ralston from the Drug Policy Alliance (who we've also interviewed on Hooked INSERT LINK). A number of drug workers and activists who use Twitter agreed to use the hashtag #OD10.

Steal This Manual

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Steal This
Guide to Developing and Managing Syringe Access Programs now available in both hard copy or as a downloadable PDF. The manual walks the reader through the process of starting a SAP including: Planning and Design, Operational Issues, Organizational Issues, External Issues and Population-Specific Considerations. There is also an extensive appendix with additional information and links to resources.