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On the 31st of August 2010 many groups and organisations around the world held events for International Overdose Awareness Day. As well as being held in the 'real world' the day was observed on the internet, largely due to the co-ordinating efforts of Meghan Ralston from the Drug Policy Alliance (who we've also interviewed on Hooked INSERT LINK). A number of drug workers and activists who use Twitter agreed to use the hashtag #OD10.
OD10 ReportBecause of this co-ordination it's been possible to collect together all the Twitter messages, and although they will stay on the internet I decided that it may be better (and by 'better' I of course mean 'useful') to have them all collected together in one downloadable document.
On the 31st hundreds of people shared messages on OD, not all of them used the #OD10 tag of course, but, where possible people where asked to join in. It would be impossible for me to have collected all the OD messages so I've only included the tagged ones in the document, but I can tell you from reading them all they are not only interesting but useful. Personally I plan to use many of them as quotes for training and awareness campaigns.
The tweets can be divided into three groups:
  • #OD10 Tweets: These are the plain tweets that just contain messages, information and advice
  • Resources and Articles: These are the Tweets that contain links to further information and resources, including OD T-shirts, training packs and workshop tools
  • Pictures: Some images relating to OD day, some visual forms of overdose advice
Nigel BrunsdonNigel Brunsdon is the owner of Injecting Advice.com. He's been working in harm reduction since the 1990's, although he's previously a frontline needle programme worker he now spends most of his time developing online resources for drugs workers and users.