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    Stop Saying 'Clean' a word that gets used by everyone as standard can be full of stigma.

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Changing Face of Needle Exchange

Allan Clear talks about the changing face of needle exchange, from it's activist roots though to it's mainstreaming and formalisation.

Tips For Supplying Foil

Smoking Foil
So foil is now legal in the UK (since September 5th), needle programmes across the country are now (hopefully) stocking it and offering it as a possible tool for change or early engagement route for people who smoke rather than inject their drug of choice. So here's a bit of advice for those workers giving it out.

Harm Reduction News

  • Services protect Scottish injectors from hepatitis C

    National survey of injectors attending services supplying injecting equipment suggests methadone maintenance plus an abundant supply of needles and syringes has helped protect Scottish injectors from infection by hepatitis C.

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  • DrugScope’s closure concerns us all and jeopardises the future of drug policy

    Because DrugScope – a membership organisation for professionals working to tackle drug and alcohol misuse that represented more than 400 organisations – occupied a unique space in the landscape of public policy making, research, advocacy and service provision in this morally charged area and proved an authoritative and influential contributor to politicians and civil servants.

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  • Drug users should be able to get heroin from the health system

    Available evidence suggests an added value of heroin prescribed alongside flexible doses of methadone for long term, treatment refractory, opioid users, to reach a decrease in the use of illicit substances, involvement in criminal activity and incarceration, a possible reduction in mortality, and an increase in retention in treatment.

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  • Hitting Bottom on the Politics of Punishment: Needle Exchange and the Costs of Inaction

    I think it’s time for harm reduction advocates to reclaim the word “enabling.” True confession: I got into harm reduction to enable people who use drugs. I enable them to protect themselves and their communities from HIV and hepatitis C and overdose. I enable them to feel like they have someone to talk to, someone who cares, someone who respects them and their humanity

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  • Drug minister bans five legal highs from midnight

    Five legal highs, including an alternative to cocaine that is one of the most common in Britain, are to be banned from midnight on Thursday, ministers have announced.

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  • France Passes Groundbreaking Bill to Allow Drug Consumption Rooms

    On April 7, France's National Assembly voted 50-24 in favor of new legislation that will allow Paris and at least two other cities to open MSICs during a six-year testing period. People attending these centers will be safe from prosecution provided the amount of narcotics they possess is deemed to be only for personal use.

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  • New law could kill any hope for safe-injection site in Ottawa

    “Should Bill C-2 become law, it will be extremely difficult to open a supervised injection anywhere in Canada, including in Ottawa,” said Lisa Wright, a PhD candidate and an organizer with the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites.

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  • The Simple Funding Fix That Could Dramatically Reduce Drug-Related Deaths

    Harm Reduction International launched its 10 by 20 campaign, calling on governments to take a tenth of the resources that they currently spend on drug enforcement and redirect them toward harm reduction. This 10 percent alone could twice over fill the gap in HIV and hepatitis C prevention for people who use drugs. It could strengthen organizations run by people who use drugs, enabling them to provide peer services and to campaign for their own human rights. It could fund the rollout of naloxone, an emergency treatment with the power to reverse overdoses and the potential to prevent many thousands of drug-related deaths each year.

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Latest Videos

  • Hadiyah Charles talks about the importance of HepC testing.
  • Stephen Malloy talks about the importance of naloxone as a tool to reduce drug related deaths.
  • Sharon Stancliff talks about the issues delaying wider distribution of naloxone around the USA.
  • Emily demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of someone you love.
  • There are many more videos here on Injecting Advice.

    Make sure you check them all out over in the 'Multimedia' section.

  • Allan Clear
    On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".
    As well as this new series there is also plenty of other video content on this site, and more being produced every month.