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  • Swab
    Swabbing for me one of the first pieces of harm reduction advice I give is when to swab.

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Nigel BrunsdonDo you want to find out more about who runs this site and why they do it? Or why harm reduction is so important?

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Changing Face of Needle Exchange

Allan Clear talks about the changing face of needle exchange, from it's activist roots though to it's mainstreaming and formalisation.

Tips For Supplying Foil

Smoking Foil
So foil is now legal in the UK (since September 5th), needle programmes across the country are now (hopefully) stocking it and offering it as a possible tool for change or early engagement route for people who smoke rather than inject their drug of choice. So here's a bit of advice for those workers giving it out.

Harm Reduction News

  • What Makes a Naloxone Program Successful?

    Programs are popping up all over the country to distribute naloxone, a medicine that reverses opioid drug overdose, to people who can use it to save lives. With all the different programs - some in urban areas, some in rural; some run by governments, some by nonprofits; some with large budgets and some with no budget at all - it might be difficult to sort through the information to determine what works best. To help, here is a short list of best practices that can be adapted to any program no matter its size, location, or budget.

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  • Drugs debate: blanket ban or decriminalise?

    “The vast majority of people who use drugs, don’t abuse drugs." That’s the view of the scientist Carl Hart, who supports decriminalising some drugs. He was contested by Neil McKeganey, who wants to see a blanket ban.

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  • Law Review Publishes Entire Issue Dedicated to ‘Breaking Bad’

    The legend of Walter White has passed into TV lore, but Heisenberg hasn’t left the stage. The chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin is the star of the current issue of the New Mexico Law Review, which published a special edition dedicated to “Breaking Bad.”

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  • Heroin injection centres could save State money

    This process of changing the drug laws is a process of restoring order to that anarchy. That’s how they won the argument in Switzerland, which is a really conservative country,” he said of a state that created one of the world’s first medically supervised heroin injection programmes in 1994.

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  • Engineered yeast paves way for home-brew heroin

    Biotechnology is about to make morphine production as simple as brewing beer. A paper published on 18 May in Nature Chemical Biology1 reports the creation of a yeast strain containing the first half of a biochemical pathway that turns simple sugars into morphine — mimicking the process by which poppies make opiates.

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  • Largest U.S. needle exchange tries free meth pipes in Seattle

    One of about two dozen methamphetamine users who received free bubble-ended pipes on a recent afternoon, Russell is a participant in a pioneering but illegal program launched in March that aims to indirectly curb infectious diseases. "Dude's got something to smoke but he doesn't have a pipe, what's he going to do?"

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  • Hepatitis C Drugs Added To WHO List Of Essential Medicine

    On Friday, the World Health Organization released a new version of the Model List of Essential Medicines to include new treatment options for hepatitis C, among others. This improves access to ground-breaking drugs that manifest clear benefits and could greatly impact public health around the world.

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  • New report suggests Ottawa drug users would benefit from safe injection site

    The study, prepared for a group that wants to bring at least two safe injection sites to Ottawa, found that 75.4 per cent of surveyed addicts said they would be prepared to use a facility where they could inject drugs with clean needles under medical supervision.

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  • Hadiyah Charles talks about the importance of HepC testing.
  • Stephen Malloy talks about the importance of naloxone as a tool to reduce drug related deaths.
  • Sharon Stancliff talks about the issues delaying wider distribution of naloxone around the USA.
  • Emily demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of someone you love.
  • There are many more videos here on Injecting Advice.

    Make sure you check them all out over in the 'Multimedia' section.

  • Allan Clear
    On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".
    As well as this new series there is also plenty of other video content on this site, and more being produced every month.