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  • Moral Panic
    The Bad, The Sad & The Redeemed Matt Gleason talks about media representations of drug users.

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Nigel BrunsdonDo you want to find out more about who runs this site and why they do it? Or why harm reduction is so important?

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World Health Organisation Calls For The Decriminalisation Of Drug Use

This month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) – the UN agency that coordinates international health responses – launched a new set of guidelines for HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations. The new document is the culmination of months of consultation and review, and pulls together existing guidance for five groups: men who have sex with men, people in prisons and other closed settings, sex workers, transgender people, and people who inject drugs...

Low Dead Space Syringes

Robert Heimer, William Zule and Andrew Preston talk about the importance of low dead space syringes for BBV prevention.

Emily talks to - Allan Clear

Allan Clear
On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".

Harm Reduction News

  • The funding crisis for harm reduction

    Funding for HIV-related harm reduction programmes globally is in crisis. There can be no ‘AIDS free generation’ without targeted efforts with and for people who inject drugs. Yet funding for harm reduction falls dangerously short of estimated need. While this has been the case for some time, the situation looks set to deteriorate with changing donor policies and national government neglect.

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  • All In: ending the HIV epidemic among adolescents

    Adolescents aged 10–19 are among the people most neglected by the HIV response, yet AIDS is the second biggest contributor to adolescent death globally and the main contributor in sub-Saharan Africa. During a satellite session at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, adolescents and young people, high-level government officials, donors, researchers and youth service providers explored ambitious but effective ways of better protecting this key group.

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  • HepC Scandal – failure to provide treatment or baseline data

    National figures suggest 49% of people who inject drugs in the UK are hep C positive, this compares to just 1% who are HIV positive. This group is more likely to have been in prison and been homeless and 47% are unaware of having hep C. Only 3% of people with hep C get treatment annually despite existing effective treatments being available. This is a scandal.

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  • Shower-bus for homeless people rolls in San Francisco

    The project's organizers see showers as a way to provide some dignity and basic hygiene to homeless people, but they also believe that the shower-buses will allow them to establish ongoing relationship with their patrons, helping them find ways to help them further.

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  • Colombia kicks off 1st clean needle program

    Health professionals began distributing clean needles to heroin addicts in five Colombian cities on Wednesday, after the launch of a new program to reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis, local media reports. The nationwide program began on the streets of Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Cucuta, and Armenia Wednesday, as Ministry of Health employees searched for hangouts popular to heroin users.

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  • If you use drugs, you must be very naive or very principled to answer a survey honestly

    One method of estimating general population drug use is by self-report household survey, but this has limitations. Firstly sampling – household surveys miss groups lacking a fixed address (homeless, prisoners, hospitalised, armed services, students in halls, and so on). Many of these are sub-populations who may be particularly at risk. This might explain why the British Crime Survey 2001/02 (BCS) found England’s northwest (including Manchester and Liverpool) to have zero heroin or crack users. A second more serious concern with surveys is under-reporting.

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  • Campaign will see free kits to help reduce overdose death handed out

    Drugs workers will be handing out free kits to reverse the fatal effects of heroin overdoses this week as part of a major health promotion across Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot and Bridgend. The campaign will also focus on the dangers of the disease Hepatitis C, and how to tackle it.

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  • California cops are using the homeless for handson training

    A California Highway Patrol (CHP) program aimed at identifying drug users has been using the homeless as subjects in training exercises for officers. The program has been ongoing for several years, but those who have participated claim that they have exchanged participation for freedom from arrest.

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  • Hadiyah Charles talks about the importance of HepC testing.
  • Stephen Malloy talks about the importance of naloxone as a tool to reduce drug related deaths.
  • Sharon Stancliff talks about the issues delaying wider distribution of naloxone around the USA.
  • Emily demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of someone you love.
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    Make sure you check them all out over in the 'Multimedia' section.

  • Allan Clear
    On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".
    As well as this new series there is also plenty of other video content on this site, and more being produced every month.