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Changing Face of Needle Exchange

Allan Clear talks about the changing face of needle exchange, from it's activist roots though to it's mainstreaming and formalisation.

Tips For Supplying Foil

Smoking Foil
So foil is now legal in the UK (since September 5th), needle programmes across the country are now (hopefully) stocking it and offering it as a possible tool for change or early engagement route for people who smoke rather than inject their drug of choice. So here's a bit of advice for those workers giving it out.

Harm Reduction News

  • More safe injection needles distributed, less used needles found on Calgary streets

    The program, run by Alberta Health Services, disperses needles at locations including the Calgary Drop-In Centre and throughout the streets of downtown Calgary and surrounding neighbourhoods in mobile centres run by nurses. Thirty special needle collection boxes, placed in strategic locations, offer users a place to dispose their used needles.

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  • New EMCDDA review studies the effectiveness of overdose antidote, naloxone

    Today’s review examines the latest evidence on the role of take-home naloxone (THN) in reducing opioid overdose fatalities. It concludes that THN provision, delivered with educational and training interventions, can be effective in reducing overdose-related deaths and improving knowledge on the signs of overdose and the correct management of patients.

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  • ‘Superman’ pill deaths spark calls for dangerous-drugs alert system

    Five days before the first of four people in Britain died of a drug overdose, researchers at a Dutch laboratory organised a nationwide alert over the “Superman” pills that are now believed to have killed those who thought they were taking ecstasy. But although Public Health England knew of the Dutch warning, no alert was issued in the UK before the fatalities.

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  • Paul Nurse accuses politicians of 'cowardice' over scientific evidence

    Sir Paul explained he feels "distressed" when scientists find clear evidence that contributes to a particular issue - such as drugs policy - only for politicians to ignore it "because they don't think it will play well with the public".

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  • Officials probe three more botulism cases

    Dr Catriona Milosevic, NHS Greater Glasgow consultant in public heath medicine, said: "I urge all drug-injecting heroin users to be extremely alert and to seek urgent medical attention from accident and emergency if they experience any early symptoms such as blurred or double vision, difficulty in swallowing and speaking and/or inflammation at the injection site.

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  • Overdose drug Naloxone dubbed ‘double-edged sword'

    Others believe addicts should live ... or die ... with the consequences of the choices they've made in life, fearing that Naloxone could turn into a security blanket for them to continue risky behaviors.

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  • PHE publishes report on substance misuse treatment for young people

    A new report out today (8 January 2015) contains the latest statistics on specialist substance misuse treatment for young people in England during 2013 to 2014.

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  • The world's first union for harm reduction workers

    On this week's episode of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Zoë Dodd and Peter Leslie, who are harm reduction workers and active members of the world's first union specifically for such workers: the Toronto Harm Reduction Workers Union.

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Latest Videos

  • Hadiyah Charles talks about the importance of HepC testing.
  • Stephen Malloy talks about the importance of naloxone as a tool to reduce drug related deaths.
  • Sharon Stancliff talks about the issues delaying wider distribution of naloxone around the USA.
  • Emily demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of someone you love.
  • There are many more videos here on Injecting Advice.

    Make sure you check them all out over in the 'Multimedia' section.

  • Allan Clear
    On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".
    As well as this new series there is also plenty of other video content on this site, and more being produced every month.