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    Don't Forget The Process How about we focus on the process of injecting rather than just on the equipment used.

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Naloxone legal changes (UK)

Last month the Human Medicines (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2015 were laid before Parliament, amending the 2012 Regulations which restrict the supply etc. of medicines, and we got the first glimpse of the changes that are to be introduced from 1st October. The main change is that: "Persons employed or engaged in the provision of drug treatment services", drugs workers (though a variety of different names apply to this role these days) to you and me, will be added to the list of exempted professionals who can supply Naloxone without falling foul of the restrictions.

Changing Face of Needle Exchange

Allan Clear talks about the changing face of needle exchange, from it's activist roots though to it's mainstreaming and formalisation.

Ten reasons to distribute ‘take home naloxone'

Naloxone is the opiate antagonist that can prevent overdose. In the US it's use is increasing and within the UK there are national programmes in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to distribute it, but not in England, in England it's left up to local areas to decide if they should distribute it. So, I thought it was time for a top 'ten reasons to distribute take home naloxone' article.

Low Dead Space Syringes

Robert Heimer, William Zule and Andrew Preston talk about the importance of low dead space syringes for BBV prevention.

Harm Reduction News

  • Why Australia needs drug consumption rooms

    As senior law enforcement officials line up to say Australia cannot arrest its way out of our illicit drug problems, some politicians have expressed opposing views about drug consumption rooms. This debate is now raging in Melbourne.

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  • Outlook Bleak For UK Drug Policy in 2016

    I wish that I could say it was an exciting time to work in the drugs field, but sadly when we compare it to reform progress on the international scene, the domestic drug policy landscape is both a scandal and a tragedy.

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  • Seattle activist plans mobile drug haven to encourage safe use

    In booming Seattle, where daydreams typically take the shape of mega-mansions and supersize yachts, street activist Shilo Murphy has managed to lower his expectations.

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  • Please, Stop Locking Up Pregnant Women For Using Drugs

    A short film released Monday shines a light on a recent trend among states to criminally prosecute women for using drugs while pregnant. The video, created by Brave New Films, investigates the effect of "feticide laws" across the country. Originally passed to protect pregnant women from violence, women's health advocates say these laws are now being used to prosecute pregnant women themselves.

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  • Congress Ends Ban On Federal Funding For Needle Exchange Programs

    NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky, a Republican who led the effort, and Daniel Raymond, policy director for the Harm Reduction Coalition, about the impact of ending the ban.

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  • Michael Gove eyes up implementing Texas-style drug courts

    Lord Chancellor Michael Gove has set up a team to investigate how to establish United States-style courts that would monitor drug offenders rather than send them to jail, in the hope it could reduce prisoner numbers.

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  • It Took 20 Years For The Government To Pay For An Obvious Way To Prevent HIV

    A few days ago, after I heard the news that Congress had lifted a federal ban on funding for needle exchange programs, I called Alisa Solberg. She runs the Point Defiance AIDS Projects in Tacoma, Washington, which includes the oldest legally sanctioned needle exchange program in the country. With the ban gone, I wanted to know what it felt like to have the government accept what the evidence has shown for two decades: that needle exchanges can be a good way to prevent the spread of HIV and don’t increase drug abuse.

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  • After Decades, Congress Effectively Lifts Ban On Federally Funded Needle Exchanges

    In the waning days of 2015, congressional Republicans agreed to essentially end their decades-long opposition to federally funding state and local needle exchange programs, slipping a repeal of the ban into the end of the year omnibus spending measure with virtually no fanfare.

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  • Hadiyah Charles talks about the importance of HepC testing.
  • Stephen Malloy talks about the importance of naloxone as a tool to reduce drug related deaths.
  • Sharon Stancliff talks about the issues delaying wider distribution of naloxone around the USA.
  • Emily demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of someone you love.
  • There are many more videos here on Injecting Advice.

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  • Allan Clear
    On a recent trip to the US Emily got the chance to talk to Allan Clear about his role as Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, or as she puts it "the boss of the bosses".
    As well as this new series there is also plenty of other video content on this site, and more being produced every month.